Saturday 16th August 2003

Saturday 16 August 2003

I have just acquired a GT750L in very poor condition and have a long restoration job ahead of me. I hope to document the process here.

I have been nagging a friend about this old bike he had for a couple of months now. He was always going to rebuild it but that has been for 10 years or more and he recently bought a VX800 suzuki and I knew that he would never get around to the GT750.

I didn't know much about it, never having seen it in running condition. But I knew it would be bad. The engine was out and stored in a garden shed. It had thrown a rod and was being rebuilt when interest was lost. Crank was done and in the crankcase but then work stopped. The rolling frame was not stored indoors. It was out the back against a fence with two Morris Minors parked in behind it. It had a tarp over it but had been there for 10 years (as had the morries!). I was wondering if there would be anything worth salvaging under that tarp.

Well, the day had come. With the help of my brother we bush-bashed up between the morries and the fence to find an old GS400 and behind that the GT750. Getting it out wasn't as hard as I had expected, the wheels still turned! So we pushed and shoved and cursed the old roses and eventually got it out. Then there was the extra frame that was behind to morris minor hoods, a couple of old bicycles and other sundry junk. Finally we tackled the garden shed where all the other bits are supposed to be in various boxes.

Actually I seem to have acquired somewhere between 1 and 3 GT750s. I have three radiators, three crankshafts, one crankcase, two frames, three swing arms, two sets of wheels, 9 carbies, etc. When I get a chance I am going to catalog the parts here for my own future reference. Unfortunatly no barrel and head has been found as yet. I think they are still inside the garden shed but there is so much other junk in the way at the moment it may take a while to find them. Hopefully I will eventually find all the parts for one bike and a good collection of spares and tradeable items.

Now for some pictures. First, where did it come from? It was leaned up against that back fence behind the two cars.

And what did we find. The following three pictures show the rolling chassis and the extra frame that were found. What a mess.

Next we tackled the garden shed where the rest supposedly resided. Well there was a lot of junk in that shed and we didn't get to the bottom of it all. We will have to revisit sometime soon with a trailer and remove all the rubbish to see if we can find the rest. The next photo is everything we found packed up into my ute for the trip around to my mother in law's garage. Unfortunatly I don't have a garage as yet so nowhere dry and safe to store it.

We got it around there and stored the bits and pieces away in the back corner where there is all sorts of other stuff stored as well. The cat was a bit interested as well, perhaps there were some mice in one of the boxes?

Finally, so the rest of the family doesn't get jealous, here are some pictures of my other two bikes. First is my daily transport, a 1983 R100RS BMW that I rebuilt from about as many bits as the suzi, but it was in very good condition since I had dismantled it myself a couple of years earlier. It is in dire need of a repaint though.

Next is my partner's V65 Guzzi. A very nice bike to ride but in need of a new seat, exhaust and shockers.

Finally both the Guzzi and my BM in their garden shed, fortunatly nothing like the shed where the suzi was. I will have to get that garage built before getting much done on the suzi.

That's it for now. Over the next few weeks I hope to get an idea what I have and what is missing and maybe get back to where it came from and find the rest of the bits. Hope I find the barrel and head.