Sunday 24th August 2003

Got an hour or so free to go through the pile of bits and pieces that I acquired last week. First thing to do was to try to get the two frame numbers and one engine number to try and date the bike so I know exactly what I'm trying to rebuild. After a bit of scrubbing I managed to get one frame number and one engine number, the other frame number may require some work with a wire brush, maybe next week. (Got some Engine and Frame number references)

  • GT750-42374
  • The spare frame. This seems to make it a L model (74)
  • GT550-38648
  • The engine... What was that? GT550? (and a 74 one at that)

    So, this GT750 I've got hold of has a GT550 motor? Curious. I hope that this is just some extra junk that was acquired by the original owner and that the 750 motor is in his shed somewhere along with the other missing parts. There was a 550 head and barrel so at least I know where they belong now.

    Some pictures...

    First that engine number.

    The GT550 engine number

    I (obviously) don't know the difference between the GT550 engine and the GT750 engine. I've since had a bit of a browse around the net and examined various pictures and know that this is not a 750 motor.

    The GT550 Engine

    And finally, a selection of the various parts I have. There are 9 CV carbies that I think are from GT750s and there are three carbies that I think are from the 550 as well as what looks like a 550 airbox. One of the three radiators i have is on the right with the plastic surround that dates it as a 74 or later model and if the side cover is original paint then I suspect that confirms a 74 model since I think that they added the extra white writing below the GT750 emblem in 75.

    So, from the frame number on the spare frame and the other parts it looks like I most of the parts for a GT750L minus the most significant part, the motor. I do hope I find that motor.

    Parts Selection