My Suzuki GT750L Restoration Project
The Wreck

This page is a collection of links to a cronological collection of notes, pictures and other stuff related to the restoration of a Suzuki GT750L bike that started out as a real collection of junk. This is going to be a long ongoing story I think.

Why have I begun this? Why a GT750 and why such a wreck.

The why a GT750 is an easy one. My dad had one (a purple J model) when I was just starting out in riding on the road and I sort of fell in love with them. I never really liked two strokes up until then but these were different somehow. In the 25 or so years since I have never really had the opportunity to own one, to many other things in life to occupy me and any money I might earn like family. Then this one came to my attention through a friend of my wife and I thought "now or never".

Why such a wreck? A friend commented that I'd be better off buying a running one, the redbook price is only $300-$700 depending on model (although I haven't seen one advertised for a very long time and I'm not sure that is a realistic price). But I think he is missing the point. To go from the bike shown as it was when got it to one that I hope to have in a couple of years has got nothing to do with the investment value, it is all to do with the achievment of resurrecting something that maybe should have belonged in a scrap heap. Perhaps I'll never finish it, who knows, but I think I will both enjoy restoring it and the satisfaction of having done so if I ever complete it.

The beginning, 16 August 2003

First Real Look, 24 August 2003

The Other Frame, a GT750M? 31 August 2003