Spies, Spoofs and Super Guys

I can't even remember how I came by this magazine, either a second hand bookshop, or just by rummaging through some old books at a market. I don't know when it was published, the magazine does not have a date of publication that I have been able to find. It was published by Dell, and I think it came out about 1966. The articles had no bylines, and no editors or writers were given credit in the magazine.

I reproduce here what is written in the magazine without permission.

Special Confidential Report on The Men from U.N.C.L.E.

all about U.N.C.L.E.


"I think the basic secret of Napoleon Solo's success is his detachment. He's enigmatic and mysterious. He isn't married; no one knows much about his personal life. Everyone secretly identifies with him because he leads such a dangerous and exciting life. I don't feel that he is TV's answer to James Bond, because the Bond stories are more realistic, more serious than ours, or they strive to be. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is more tongue-in-cheek, more like a sophisticated cartoon.
        "In a way, I am Napoleon Solo. The producer cast me because he knew me and thought I resembled his concept of Solo. I feel I have some of the detached attitude that Solo has. Like him, I am unmarried, and have a reputation, which I do not feel is deserved, as a "swinger." Nevertheless, I am not playing myself. I'm not as brave as Solo, and I don't like guns. Nor am I insane. Solo is insane. He laughs when he exposes himself to death. He laughs his was through a cartoon existence.
        When the series began, I just played Mister Slick. This year, Solo does fumble sometimes, as we all do. He doesn't always even get the girl.
        The show is a rather good charade. If it isn't cancelled, I'll play Solo for 10,000 years and make 10 million dollars, and think nothing of it. Anyone who is in TV for any reason other than making money is either insane or-well, he's a total fink."

Mc Callum On Illya:

"I like Illya. I'd like to have him for a friend. But who knows if Illya has any friends? We're not doing a Route 66 here, with a couple of chums on the loose. We are totally individual. Napoleon Solo is obviously a swinger. Ah, but Illya is a quiet swinger. Nobody knows what Illya Kuryakin does when he goes home at night? (sic)
        When I began to play Illya, the character was little more than a lackey with a suppressed sneeze. I gave him a background, a private life, a dream life, an interesting accent and two or three basic views of the world. I introduced a not of friction between him and Napoleon; I thought a little animosity would add interest. Illya became a walking enigma who occasionally runs and jumps.
        "Illya appeals mostly to the teen-age U.N.C.L.E. fans. He is a loner. There is something real, real mystical about him. He is the man in black and he has a carefree, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. I think all this really appeals to the younger generation. When I talk to my fans, they continually tell me how 'cool' I am. It took me aa while to learn exactly what 'cool' meant, but since I cound out, I have been trying to play Illya 'cool'. Then having done that, the response took place. Illya became a 'sex symbol'. At first it was disquieting to me with my Calvinist background and stiff Scottish spine. But now I find it very gratifying. I have the utmost respect for Illya's fans."

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