looking for a story...

This ditty is dedicated to all the atxc authors who have ever written a story memorable enough to be requested, and to all those astute souls who can remember, not only the name, but the author's name, where it is archived, and all the sequels it spawned...:)

I'm looking for a story...
>I'm looking for it too!
I can't recall the name but
I'll relate a scene or two...

There's lots of Scully angsting
And Mulder sick in bed
An evil plot by Cancer Man
>Who really isn't dead.

I saw it fifteen months ago
Read it once and then
When I went to save it,
It wasn't there again.

The morphing man finds Mulder
And their cars are in a crash
>Then there is  an interlude
>Of Skinner/Krychek slash.

I wish I could recall the name
>It had eleven parts
I think it mentioned secret needs
>Or broken legs
...or hearts.

Frohike features in it
Telling Scully that he cares
And Bill
>That's Scully's brother
Is as rotten as he dares.

Byers causes trouble
>The part I like the most
>Is Scully being rescued
>By QueeQueeg's little ghost.

There's a creature stealing bodies,
Conspirations by the ton,
>And a bit where we see Scully
>Threaten Mulder with her gun.

There's a scene about Samantha
With the facts Fox has to face
>Then Mulder has a fantasy
>'bout Scully's knicker lace.

There's Langley's paranoia,
Mrs Mulder being mean,
A flashback with Melissa,
Mulder has a rotten dream.

Mulder's flat's an uproar
And he gets hit on the head
Scully phones at ten-thirteen
The fish all wind up dead.

Scully wears her crucifix
And golden ros'ry beads
Mulder lives on nothing but
Ice tea and sunflow'r seeds.

I can't recall the name or author
But I remember this:
I'm looking for a story
And it closes with a kiss.