This is the front cover of my Sapphire and Steel book. I bought it in England in 1979. It's copyright Peter J. Hammond and Star Books.

The following pictures are copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., in 1965 and have been used without permission.

Whenever I look at this picture I always think David McCallum must have been auditioning for a part in Thunderbirds...

Napoleon showing off his shooting thingy to a pleased looking young lady. I'm not even going near the Freudian implications of this. Man From U.N.C.L.E. was a nice show, made in the innocent 60's, and when blokes showed ladies their guns with special screw on barrel and extendable stock it just meant...that they could shoot really really well...

This picture is very contrasty. It's inside the back cover of The Doomsday Affair. It's very similar to the picture on page 230 of Jon Heitland's book, only in my opinion Jon chose a much nicer picture.

This is the front cover of book 4, The Stone Cold Dead in the Market Affair by John Oram. It's a shocker of a picture, RV looks as if he has about 4 chins and no hair. I don't know why they would use this picture, possibly having some kind of bet about fans buying pretty well anything that was put in front of them.

This is the inside cover picture from book 4. It's very hunky, a detail of the picture on page 48 of Jon's book. I notice in Jon's picture there are more big guns involved and I'm not saying a word. The picture on the inside back cover is of a naked lady. I haven't put it in 'cause quite frankly pictures of naked ladies bore me titless.

This is the front cover of book 7, Peter Lesile'sRadioactive Camel Affair. It looks to me very much like the picture on page 237 of Jon's book, only somebody got their negative back to front. I'm betting it was some reckless Souvenir Press/Four Square art director who decided not to pander to purists

And this is the front cover of Peter Leslie'sMad Scientist Affairwhich was book 8.

I hope you like these pictures. There are plenty more where these came from, so I will be asking my brother in law, Mike to scan more for me in the future.