Talk about purple prose. I'm not a 'shipper. Never have been, can't see me changing my colours in the near future, but when there's a challenge, well... :)

Some time around late 1995 (I think) someone wrote a piece of pornography and stuck it on the XFiles.creative newsgroup. Now don't get me wrong. I like a bit of nice, juicy, well-written porn. Unfortunately, this wasn't. It was poorly written, ungrammatical, and hadn't even been run through a spell checker. The writer admitted to all this, but I went ahead like a bull at a gate and flamed him anyway. It was a controversial time for me, and in the end I had to think about my own feelings, and whether maybe I was lacking somewhere along the way.

To this end I challenged myself to writing something that would involve Mulder and Scully sexually, yet keep them within the canon of the show, and true to character. After all, the show and the characters are what I like so much. I finished up writing Keyhole. Like most of my work, it was intended as a stand alone piece, but I was flooded with people asking me to do a sequel. At someone's suggestion, I went on to write By Candle light which isn't really a sequel, but the view from the other side of the keyhole.

In keeping with acceptable netiquette, I must warn anyone under the age of 18 to not read these stories, on account of their prurient nature. They involve voyeurism and masturbation sequences. It saddens me to have to warn young folks off, since it's probably the cleanest, safest sex written on the whole net, and the only kind (except for the voyeurism) that I recommend. But there you go. If you are under the age of 18, or feel that the subject matter is, in any way, going to upset or offend you, then please do not read these stories. I'd rather go unread than upset anyone.

I do not intend ever writing a sequel to these. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading them. Mulder and Scully certainly enjoyed being in them ;D   Please write to me and let me know what you think.