So what the *&%# is a forty year old housewife doing writing Ninja Turtle fanfic?

Let me tell you, these little guys saved my life. During one of the darkest periods of my life, when I was almost overwhelmed by depression and suicidal urges, it was four absurd mutant turtles who helped me out of it and got me writing for the first time in years. My first adult fanfic was Ninja Turtles.

My first story was written within about 2 days of seeing my first cartoon. It's a little jumpy and I'm afraid my own character featured rather heavily. Seems to be something that happens a lot in comics though, so I'm not going to stress over it too much. I saw the film and eventually (though it took a long while) the Mirage comics. My stories are a mish-mash of all three, with a smattering of green stuff that really looks like it belongs to with Captain Planet. I don't know where you'd place these stories, Shredder is still alive and well, as are the Foot clan. I'm not even going to discuss the "Shredder" I saw in the comic shop the other week. I didn't buy that comic (it was a really dumb protest. I know I'm going to have to go back there and buy it next time I'm in town.) I'm not sweating it. I figure if there's one place you can have an alternate universe, it's in a Ninja Turtle story.

My Galatea Gaia was written before I met Captain Planet, so I don't feel as if I plagiarised her at all. The Galatea comes from a painting by Raphael :) She gets a much better explaination in the second story.

I'm going to sweet talk/bludgeon my brother in law into scanning some of my artwork so I can put it on the site. I'm not very good at drawing, and I'm a bit embarrassed for Mike to see my pics, but I had fun doing them, and someone might like to see them. There's supposed to be a turtle background on this page. I did that on the computer. I can't see it on the composer, so it might not have worked.

Anyway here are my stories. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter and all the rest belong to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird and Mirage and all that stuff, and have been used without permission. If you would like copies of my story, they may be distributed so long as this is done with my name intact and not for money.

There are a few stories here. I will put them on as I get them fixed up. They were originally written in script form and on another computer with a different word processor, so you can see it takes a little time for me to get them looking presentable. Two of them were on a stuffed disc that Brian spent the weekend fiddling with, when he got the stories for me they were intertwined. But he rescued them :)

Here, I hope for your pleasure, my Ninja Turtle stories:


Under the Sea

The Dude from Downunder

Mr Angelo takes a Holiday

Winter Solstice

The Christmas Story

Raphael's Adenoids

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